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Welcome to Audiostore Ltd

Our innovative products allow you to store and play music locally, or around the home, including streaming services and Internet radio at highest qualityA typical system will comprise server, DAC and amplifier/speakers controlled by a low-cost App on phone/tablet. For some users just a server and wireless speakers such as Sonos may suffice

Sound Quality matches or exceeds regular CD with the added ability to store and play to master tape quality 256 times that of CD, depending on configuration. Play Internet radio and streaming services (Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer)

Simplicity. In most cases it is only necessary to connect the equipment and press a single button on the interface. We can assist if you need help

Sonicorbiter is the new software powering many of our products and those of our partners. Nova is a custom version. Unlike other 'streaming' systems it is multifunctional, and can adapt to suit different requirements. Capability depends on the options that you select and the other items connected

Roon, particularly when combined with Tidal is a new exciting way to listen to your music. It is a user option with Nova. Roon will work on all Nova systems but is best used with our more powerful units such as our Audiostore Prestige 2 

microRendu uses audiophile hardware with Sonicorbiter software to deliver even more from the best audio products available

For integration with home automation systems (such as Control 4) or less demanding applications Vortexbox software is installed

We manufacture servers and also distribute/service innovative products from Antipodes Audio, Small Green Computer, Sonore and Uptone


Overseas buyers: Cheapest way to pay us is to Select Bank Transfer/Cheque during checkout then visit Transferwise using the bank details from our Invoice (emailed to you) We also accept  payments, select Bank Transfer during Checkout.  Our €uro SWIFT/BIC/IBAN details are printed on the Invoice. (Use daily £/€ rate from and please email us with your payment details)

  *  Open Source databases requiring an Internet connection are used for CD detection and tagging
**  CDs with copy protection or embedded video may need to be converted on an external system.  

Digital conversion/storage of music/video is not permitted in all countries. Please check for your location.  It is unlawful to copy material without the permission of the Copyright holder.